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"Sundar and his entire team were a great bunch of guys and it was an absolute pleasure to have them as the official photogrpahers for our wedding. The casual photos were a fun experience and really captured the mood of the ocassion. To top it all off, the final work they produced for the wedding album was of great quality. At the risk of sounding biased, it was one of the best albums that any member of both our families had come across"
" just wanted to talk and compliment few things about my wedding photographer. I want to compliment on there priceless guidance which Sundar gave us throughout this journey.
The value of the service Sundar and his team provided exceeded far beyond our expectations.
At first I didn't know who to work with and who to talk to, luckily my friend referred Sundar and his work. When I contacted Sundar, I was totally convinced that my wedding album will be in good hands.
The days he spent with us during the wedding, we were able to find his professionalism, guidance, and outstanding talents. My Husband and I felt so comfortable working with him. It was a time of laughter, fun, it wasn't like serious photo shoot, yet those pictures came out just perfect.
Album came out just the way I wanted. Wedding album is once in your life time, either you ruin it or make it perfect. To make it perfect I would vouch Sundar's work to make your dream wedding come to life on your wedding album.
A special thanks to all of his team members also. Thanks Sundar for such a great work!"
" One of the most inpirational photography that I've ever seen live, I know you are not interested in making your career in film industry, where you would not get much of a freedon to establish what you think and your thoughts. Your type of photographs can only been seen generally for models and actors, But sundar's photo graphy will be a dream come true and make a normal person think if their own photgraph can be made that Impressive. The highlighting part is the photoshop techniques and your view of a photograph. Wish you the best to make lot of milestores in your life, All the best. "
Among all the phenominal blessings of human beings, the ability to remember and forgive are considered as two major gifts. and to enhance the gift of memories, man created his own tool called camera, through which the moments of the past can be relived adding on to minute details , only the right person havin an eye for the right time, and the instinct to capture even smaller details could give us a better clarity...............

fotopeople are one such crew, who apart from staying commited, they merge into the family and bring out the best moments to hold on forever and ever........ their passion in their work not only captures the moments but the feel as well clinging to it.........the celebration is right there in ur hands to relive and live n no of times...........our family occasion was further glorified by sundar and team's shots, our sincere gratifacation for your wonderful effort...............
Hi Sundar! Your amazing and awesome photographs on our wedding left us speechless. They bring back all the emotions of the day, our laughter, tears and joy.Our Wedding Book is fantastic.

We both find it hard to relax in front of a camera how ever you made it so very easy. You were so creative and that really reflects in your work. We've never seen any wedding photographs as beautiful as ours. We have a lovely album which we shall treasure forever. For our lovely wedding album just a thanks would not be enough . . . . . We loveeeee your work. . . . . .

We would never hesitate in recommending your services as you were not only an amazing/creative/professional photographer but so friendly. . . . . . . . . . .
It's been always and all been a pleasure working with Sundar... How do you feel to work with your friend on something you like.. That's how it was when I worked with Sundar.. He was a friend all the time and understands you very well as you best friend did... I never felt left out or felt I outsourced it I never had to worry about anything at any moment about coverage or occasion being covered or will the photos look good... You can count on him...

From the moment I saw his pictures in Facebook 3 years ago, I decided to have him for my wedding and it was my dream to have my wedding pictures stunning.. Off course every one will have it... He spoke to me like a friend for the first time.. I had a good hold on my first conversation and was relaxed that one of the biggest tensions in marriages is being take care by a friend :) Believe me that's the best decision I took for my wedding photography There were several moments (first moments) that I wanted to be framed for life and he was all along with me in doing it... Me being a photographer, i had so many expectations on my wedding photographer.. Believe me, if you are good at one thing, you would want the best when it comes to you.. Sundar brings nothing but all the best when it comes to wedding photography He goes an extra mile in everything you want

I gave him the complete freedom of shooting the wedding with no compromises... The time which you can never buy it again in your life.. Give that time to Sundar - he will take good care of it and give you only satisfaction and nothing else :)

Everything went very very smooth with him, shoots, lighting, camera, proofs, experience, Album, printing, style, effects.. All in one package

Sundar, Kudos to your personality, work and dedication... You are probably one in million whom I trusted immediately in just few seconds we met

There are so many of my relatives who never smile for photos... i knew them for years... he made them not smile but laugh loud...he made them so comfortable... every one asked me is he your friend.. and i proudly said YES :)

I love your work and love your dedication Sundar... HATS OFF to ALL of that

S - Simply Superb
U - Unique
N - Neat and Nice
D - Dearest Friend
A - Awesome
R - Revolution

Thanks again for all the work you did and being very patient with me
Sundar was the photographer for our Wedding & has become a friend ever since.

Life is a collection of most beautiful memories & photography slices some of the best moment of our lives & freezes it for us to relish these moments forever. Not only did Sundar succeed in capturing the amazing moments of my marriage but also added his own energy to the entire event. Each of the 42 pages of my wedding album shares a different story & serves as a treat to every visitor to our house. This is a testimony for his dedication, creativity & the lifelong souvenir that he gifted for our Wedding.
Muthu & Lavanya
A perfect wedding day is every couples dream! But if you desire that perfect day to last longer and be able to cherish that day with your loved ones every time you look back at it , you need the perfect photographer team who can share your passion and Vision for that day!

We were very excited when we found Sundar, Ayyapan and their team. They share such passion for their work that it is impossible to be disappointed with them. They were very ardent and understanding of what we wanted and it is quite hard to find people who share the same wave length as one what we have, we were very lucky for here was a team who came with multiple wave lengths and who treated our wedding not as a job but more as though it was their own family shoot. They were very efficient and knew exactly what had to be done, when it had to be done, and how it had to be done...

When we first met Sundar to discuss, during the wedding and the pre/post wedding shoot, there was not a single moment we felt unheard or understood. He is very patient, encouraging, creative and definitely a perfectionist too, all crucial traits for being a great photographer.

Iyyappan did some great mash up of our wedding with 5 min video, and that brought tears to people who missed the actual event and watched it. We couldn't have asked for a better output from the team.

If you are looking to capture the magical moments of you big day in a fantastic way, look no beyond Sundar, Ayyapan and their team.

The Album design and layout of the pictures is so refreshing and new, it has left everyone in awe as to how we were able to have a truly magical and dreamy wedding and more...

At the end of our shoot we not only received a great work as output but earned a good friend for life.

Thank you Sundar photography..You have not only made our dreams come true but made it a reality for everyone to experience

Madhu and David
Wedding: January 26th 2015,
TTDC Resort
Mahabalipuram, Chennai.
Madhu & David